DBPOWER BA-300 Bluetooth V4.0 Stereo Transmitter and Audio Receiver 2-in-1 atpX Adapter for Headphones, TV, Computer/ PC, iPod, MP3/ MP4, Car Stereo and More
Product Description:
  • ★ DBPOWER 2-in-1 Bluetooth 4.0 Transmitter and Receiver Adapter. Easily switching between transmitter and receiver mode. In its transmitter mode, it can losslessly transmit the audio from a wild range of products such as TV, Personal Computer, HI-FI, CD Player etc. While in the Receiver Mode, it can perfectly pair with a lot of devices, like your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Series, iPad, MacBook Pro, transferring your Wired Headset, Earphone, Headphone and more
  • ★ The smalll bluetooth adapter exclusively includes a 3.5mm to RCA Cable, which you can choose to connect your wired Stereo through RCA jacket instead of 3.5mm jacket. It is suitable for your new and old devices
  • ★ Industry Leading Battery Time. With built-in 300mA Li-battery, it offers up to 15 hours working time. You can enjoy a couple of amazing films by just a single charge. It also supports charging while working(Connect charger first and then pair bluetooth. If you connect charger when working, the item will shut down, then please reconnect it, no need to disconnect the charger.)
  • ★ Excellent Sound Quality. Featuring latest High-End Chipset. DBPOWER offers your marvelous sound quality. With apt-X technology, you can enjoy top wireless sound quality with low latency in your house now. aptX can effectively reduce bluetooth transmission delays and enable seamless audio and video synchronization. No additional driver, no rocket science, just simply plug and play
  • ★ Multiple Devices connection Technology. You can pair up to two devices simultaneously in transmitter mode or receiver mode. With this powerful gadget, now you can share your favorite music to your friend simultaneously. Or you can watch a exciting movie with your darling in headphone without disturbing your family or neighbour. In receiver mode, it is also supports connecting two bluetooth devices. You can easily switch the audio signal without disconnecting
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Easily my 2015 Top Pick for Coolest Bluetooth Device - Building a "Unified Bluetooth Stereo System"
By Tinfoot on August 24, 2015
Final Update - I have purchased yet another and last DBpower BA-300 Receiver/Transmitter... because my system is now complete, and I give a walkthrough of it in my new video. This fourth one is set to receiver mode, paired with my Samsung Galaxy S6 and my PC, and the running into a 8-Way switcher, which the three set of BA-300 units are running as output. Yes, I plan on running my gaming consoles and anything else I can think of through these. :)

And I have to take back an earlier fear about having all these so close together. No issues with all four right next to each other, and now that I found a USB power hub that seems to have individually shielded ports (or could be the male-to-male metal connectors I am using), I have no issue with EMI feedback like before.

Just awesomesauce now.

27October2015: How Many is Too Many? Dunno, but I now have personally purchased a second one, for THREE total running off the single AUX cable with splitters, now sourcing from my PC, which I can control from my HDTV, with the addition of a separate BT Receiver for an old Sony Xplod Boombox (under my computer desk). I use EQUALIZER APO (for windows) for the overall EQ, and since, each of the transmitters have their own volume control, I can adjust speaker pairs volume wise for room balancing.

Freaking LOVE it.

I won't gloss over it - getting this whole idea to work flawlessly has been quite the trial & error & fiddle & tweak & oddness kind of thing.

First off, for continual powering of the transmitters, a noisy USB power port will cause noise right back through the speakers. As a result, I spent quite a bit of time swapping around 5V power sources, which in turn involved individual transmitter placement.
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Bluetooth functionality anywhere you have a 3.5mm audio jack.
By scott strachan on October 27, 2015
Color: B0222 | Verified Purchase
I got this for my inlaws. My mother in law is hard of hearing and needs to watch TV very loudly. She is concerned that she will disturb her neighbors. They dont want cords all over the place either. I am surprised more modern electronics dont intergrate bluetooth audio but they dont. So basically this hools up to the audio out via a 3.5 mm audio jack. The device also needs to be powered by a micro usb cable. There are 2 3.5 male to male jacks included one is 3 feet the other is about 3 inches. The usb cable is about 3 feet as well. The unit itself is simple with one button used for pairing. Bluetooth performance is comprable to all bluetooth devices. It pairs easily and has a range of about 30 feet in open air. Less through walls and stuff. This thing is tiny and is about the size of a domino or those tiny I pod nano's. Full disclosure this was provided to me by the seller to review. I hope it helps I will be updating my experience with this so check in if you are curious. Thanks!
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Compact, slim and lightweight Bluetooth Transmitter
By Mike Alpha Tango on October 10, 2015
I’ve been searching for a Bluetooth transmitter and came across with this DBPower Bluetooth transmitter and good thing the seller offered me to try this and test it out for review purposes.

This DBPower Bluetooth transmitter came in small, sealed and well packaged box and comes with 2 audio 3.5 cables (1 about 3 inches and the other is about 5ft) , USB charging cable and user’s manual.
The DBPower Bluetooth transmitter is small, slim and light weight with one button for power ON/OFF with pairing function by holding it for 3-4 seconds.

What does it do?
This Bluetooth transmitter will turn your TV, DVD, MP3 player, and any audio device to broadcast or transmit to a Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth enabled speakers.
No more tangling audio or cables lying around wireless Bluetooth connection makes very convenient. Bluetooth pairing is easy just press and hold the power button for 4 seconds the transmitter LED indicator will flash blue and red alternately and just set the headphone or Bluetooth speaker in to pairing mode and once this is connected the LED indicator will turn in to blue flashing. This has good Bluetooth range; I have tested it about 20-25 ft. with clear sound and no signal loss.

I am using this for on my Xbox one set up and paired with my Bluetooth headphones since I can’t play on TV when wife is watching so this is my alternative to re-route my audio.

All in all, this Bluetooth transmitter is useful to me and by using this I can simply hear my Xbox one sound when gaming without string attached and very convenient to use.

Hope this helps!
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Everyone should have one of these!
By Deana R Smiel on December 14, 201
Color: B0202 | Verified Purchase
Exactly what I wanted, I'm thrilled that you exist Amazon! I dream it up and find it there. So I have excellent Bluetooth headphones from Jam Transit. I really hate ear buds, they are all too big and do not deliver good sound either. I have to turn the TV way up to half way understand anything, so I was considering a second purchase of TV Ears - very expensive solution that I had bad experience with years ago - they never worked. So I search here and find several solutions. I read the reviews and chose this unit, DBPower BA-300. I am impressed! It was charged when I got it so I plugged it in to the back of my HDTV (Sharp Aquas) and plugged it in to the wall. I will most likely leave this set up as is. I am an old lady and couldn't pair my headphones, so son-in-law figured out I was not pushing the right button on them. I hate that there is such a lack of directions with products and even online! One of the other reviews I read had a video of how easy it is, but it didn't help. I was hooked up within an hour of opening the package though. Very very excited with this purchase. Everyone should have one of these!
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