Bluetooth Car Kit, DBPOWER Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Stereo Music Receiver, Hands-Free Car Bluetooth Adapter Receiver (aptX, Built-in Mic, Car Charger)
Product Description:
  • COMPLETE BLUETOOTH HANDS FREE CAR KIT: Bluetooth adapter receiver; built-in microphone; dual port USB car charger; magnetic base.
  • LATEST BLUETOOTH 4.0 TECHNOLOGY: Full-speed transmission and low power consumption. Up to 10 metres range. Supports pairing two smarts devices at once. You will never miss a call again with this Bluetooth car kit!
  • BLUETOOTH RECEIVER: Receive music from smartphones, tablets or Bluetooth enabled audio devices and play them through your car audio system.
  • HIGH QUALITY SOUND: Built-in microphone transmits your voice to your phone. Echo and noise cancellation ensure you non-stop wireless stereo music and clear phone calls.
  • AUTO CONNECTION: Automatically power on and connect to the last paired device when starting the car. Play music and answer calls from two separate devices without disconnecting and repairing.
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Really great product that solves a problem, and does it with style. See details below:
By Cody on August 18, 2015
This is not the first one of these I have owned over the past few years. I’ve had a few different brands in different cars, and they’ve been sufficient. This is by far the most complete and high quality of them all.

To start, you plug in the USB to either a USB port in your car, or a USB Car adapter. I doubt this takes much power, and it worked fine on my built in USB port. Then, plug in the AUX cable to a port. I’ll say this again, make sure you have an AUX port in your car. It might be on the back of the radio if not on the front, but you have to have one for this product.

The device is attached to the dash via a small disk with a magnet so that you can remove it. Here, I’d like to point something out. There are notches that hold the device in the correct orientations. This is an essential addition, as this enables you to use the rotation controls without the “button” spinning. So, the small disk is attached to the dash, then the button is held by magnet. The magnet seems strong, without being overly powerful.

Button will do play/pause, answer calls, and activate voice control. Then, rotating it skips tracks. This is incredibly useful. On other competitor’s products, I felt like I was typing out Morse code trying to get it to skip music (press 2x, 3x, hold, etc). The turning motion is so smooth and nice, it feels like a stock addition to the car.

Audio quality is as good as any Bluetooth device I’ve used. Bluetooth always sounds very good to me. Picking up your voice is again where this product stands out in comparison to others I have tried. Phone calls were very clear to those who called, which was not the case with the competitor’s versions. Caveat, I did not drive the car at high speeds during the calls.
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Now old cars can also have Bluetooth functionality (Sort of)
By Raks on September 11, 20
I had an old Honda Accord 1999 some time back and now it has been sold to a friend of mine. This car did not have bluetooth (it was 1999 model) and nor did it have any sort of AUX Port. My current car (Camry 2012) has both these things. Owning this new car and having all these bluetooth gadgets and such inside it was really fascinating and made life on wheels easy in terms of entertainment and such. So I decided to share the same with my friend (who bought my car). I got him this Bluetooth FM Transmitter from DBPower.

The BA-600 Bluetooth FM Transmitter is powered using the car’s charger, in fact this a car charger itself with the Bluetooth FM Transmitter functionality. This is because it has a USB port built in, using which you could connect you phone / iPad etc to it to charge your other devices. Also the USB port is a 2A one, this means your phones and tablets will charge at full speed unlike many other such units where they are just 1A.
What this bluetooth FM transmitter can do is connect to your phone / tablet using the bluetooth interface and route the music to either the AUX Port of your car or through one of the 3 FM Frequencies.

You do get a coiled 3.5mm male to male cable inside the package, this is used to connect this bluetooth FM transmitter to the 3.5mm AUX port of your car. This way, the music can be flinged from your bluetooth enabled phone to this device which routes it to the car’s stereo. If you do not have a stereo, no worries, chances are you will definitely have a FM radio in the car. So instead of using the AUX port or 3.5mm cable, just tune your radio to one of the frequencies listed on the device and adjust the same frequency on the bluetooth FM transmitter by pressing the FM Key.
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The Perfect Way to Make Your Car Bluetooth Compatible if it has an AUX Input
By Aaron Morris on December 30, 201
Color: CM01 | Verified Purchase
I've tried a number of FM transmitters over the years, as a means to get audio from my device to the car stereo, and they always sounded horrible. Apparently this one is no exception, based on many of the reviews by those who attempted to use it as an FM transmitter.

But I recently "inherited" a 2008 Volvo XC90, and needed a convenient way to link my phone to the car stereo for music and calls. The car has no Bluetooth, but it does have an AUX jack. In my primary car, my phone automatically links to the stereo through Bluetooth. I wanted to see if I could do the same thing (inexpensively) with the Volvo.

For that purpose, the DBPOWER couldn't be better. It paired without issue and, thankfully, it now links automatically when I start the car. (Manually linking every time would have been a pain.) Volvo puts the AUX jack by the cup holders, and the coiled cord that comes with the DBPOWER turned out to be the perfect length to reach from the unit to the jack. If the jack was in the face of the radio, as I imagine it is with most cars, it would be even better since the cord wouldn't have to run back along the console (see photo).

Just to summarize, because from some of the reviews a few were confused about the setup, your phone links to the DBPOWER via Bluetooth, and then to your car stereo through the AUX input. There is no issue of "sound quality" because there is no signal degradation with this setup. Sound quality is only an issue if you don't have an AUX input, and are forced to use the FM connection.

Since the DBPOWER is always plugged into the "cigarette lighter" (wow, that probably dates me), there is no worry about charging a Bluetooth device or running power to one.
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