Bluetooth Car Kit, DBPOWER Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Stereo Music Receiver with Ground Loop Noise Isolator Handsfree Car Kits aptX Bluetooth Receiver Adapter with 3.5 mm Aux Cable Built-in Mic
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  • ★ Complete Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit: Bluetooth adapter receiver; built-in microphone; ground loop noise isolator; magnetic base. Pair two Bluetooth devices at once!
  • ★ NOISE ISOLATOR INCLUDED: In most cases, the sound quality is excellent. But if you are bothered by the buzzing noise, you can use the noise isolator to avoid it.
  • ★ LATEST BLUETOOTH 4.0 TECHNOLOGY: Full-speed transmission and low power consumption. Up to 10 metres range. Supports pairing two smarts devices at once. You will never miss a call again with this Bluetooth car kit!
  • ★ HIGH QUALITY SOUND: Built-in microphone transmits your voice to your phone. Echo and noise cancellation ensure you non-stop wireless stereo music and clear phone calls. Equipped with an Advanced Noise isolator, No more noise and static!
  • ★AUTO CONNECTION: Automatically power on and connect to the last paired device when starting the car. Pair two Bluetooth devices at once! Play music and answer calls from two separate devices without disconnecting and repairing.
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Great bluetooth kit for older cars
By Mike on April 12, 2016
I was really surprised how easy this was to setup and how well it worked. I have a 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid, and I have an after market stereo system that has an aux in. I plugged in the USB for power, turned on my bluetooth on my phone and was able to get it to sync right away. I was really concerned with the call quality, that is always something I want to try with bluetooth devices, and this didn't disappoint. I called my wife using this and she said she could hear me fine, and I was able to hear her fine. I then tried calling her again from our other car with bluetooth built in and she said she couldn't tell a difference between this one in our old car and the one built into the newer car. Once I got the call quality out of the way, and wanted to see how the rest of the functions built into this would work.

This device allows you to do a couple more different things all from this simple device with only one button.
Press the button - To answer a call
Press and hold the button - To decline a call
Press the button - To pause or play the current song
Rotate the little ball to the right - To skip to the next track
Rotate to the left - To skip to the previous track
Rotate to the right and hold - To increase volume
Rotate to the left and hold - To decrease volume
Hold down the button for 3 sec - Activate Siri

This is great for music, or audio books on your phone, easier to interact with this than fumbling with your cell phone on the road, this will be great for audio books on those commutes to and from work.

Simple installation
Good Mic
Only one button but very functional


I received this product at a discount in exchange for an unbiased and hones review.
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Not perfect but I like it.
By Bill on April 5, 2016
I really like this device. I have had problems with electrical noise with other Bluetooth devices in my car (a Prius) before but this one provides nice clear audio with the included audio filter. My main use is playing audio tracks from an android tablet through the car stereo.
There is a strange noise when the devices first connect that is a little annoying but I can't say for sure that is caused by this car kit or coming from the devices connecting to it.
I was surprised to learn that you can connect 2 Bluetooth devices at once so I tried connecting both my phone and Tablet. That seems to work but I think there is an issue with the phone and the tablet both trying to "talk" to the car kit at the same time. It causes short gaps in the audio tracks playing from the tablet so I may un-pair the phone
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Very happy. No more fumbling for a Bluetooth earpiece with a dead battery!
By jaceonwheels on April 15, 2016
Love this. Works great. Good quality microphone, no complaints from callers. No whine or noise through speakers (although I do turn down volume on car stereo to low when not on a call). Seems good quality materials. Sticker worked well to fix to dashboard. It plays its own ringtone through the speakers so even if you have your phone on silent you will still know a call is coming in. Works with "OK google" voice command on my Android, just press and hold the button to activate "OK google". Streams music well. I have had no problems connecting, or maintaining a connection. The only note is that it connects when first powered up, so if like me you have a remote starter on your car, when you go to get in the car, just turn the car off and on for the unit to power up and connect with you in range. Great price point.
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Great sound, great price, easy to use, but cables are thin & fragile.
By Ian Johnson on April 18, 2016
Works great and easy to use. The sound quality is really fantastic, much better than I thought it would be. This is my first bluetooth 4.0 / aptx device and compared to older bluetooth it is fantastic. The device includes a noise reduction adapter which is handy. The remote control knob is magnetic and attaches to a sticky base. It stays on pretty firmly and never has come off while I was using it. It has come off a few times when I accidentally hit it.

It paired very easily with my Galaxy S7. If you've paired any bluetooth device before you can probably figure it out easy without reading the manual.

Price is good on this device too. My only complaint and what stopped it from getting 5 stars is that the cables themselves are very thin and appear fragile. I worry about their long term longevity and whether or not the cable will break.
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It is fairly easy to use and a little bit more fun that ...
By Jorge R. on April 14, 2016
I have been using a similar TaoTronics bluetooth receiver, but that one was failing. I decided to give this a try. I have to say I was not very big on a Knob for functions and have to say that I am not too unhappy about it. It is fairly easy to use and a little bit more fun that using one with buttons. I also like how you can function it without having to actually look at the device. Just drive down the street, twist it, and that is it. Overall, so far, I really like this one better than the other ones I have tried. (And 100X better than an FM Transmitter if you have a Casette in your car, it works too! just buy a Female to Female AUX connector)

*I was provided this product for free or discounted rate to give my personal view of it. Sellers are not guaranteed a good rating, I rate based on things like usefulness, aesthetics, quality, and durability. Contact me if you want your items reviewed.
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