Bluetooth Speakers V3.0, BX-1000 Portable Speaker with 6W Audio Output, Stereo Wireless Speaker Boombox For Smartphones, Tablet and Other Bluetooth Devices (Black and White)
Product Description:
  • LOUDER VOIUME AND MORE BASS: Distortion-free at maximum volume; Powered by 2 x 3w, 2-inch speaker, large diaphragm 45MM bring surging powerful bass, clear and detailed listening experience, room-filling sound, ideal for home, dorm room, kitchen, bathroom, car, parties.
  • BLUETOOTH V3.0: DBPOWER uses the latest Bluetooth standard technology enables extremely fast Connect and stable Bluetooth connections with your tablet or smartphone at distances of up to 10 meters. To provide maximum compatibility with your devices and to ensure the highest quality connection.
  • INTELLIGENT TOUCH CONTROL and MICRO SD CARD: Take the modern touch pad designed, more fashionable and comfortable; TF card function brings you more storage on music and other audio files.
  • ESSAY CONNECTION AND BOARD COMPATIBILITY: Built-in microphone with a 10 meter reception area allows the speaker to double as a speakerphone to ensure a clear call. Safeguard a good quality digital amplifier, without interruption and distortion when used in low power.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Fashionable and stylish design with solid performance and universal compatibility for Android, iPhone, iPad, tablets, smartphones, iPods, MP3, MP4, radio players, and other Bluetooth enabled digital players or media devices with aux port.
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Customer Reviews
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Needs changes for the better
By sahil_avid_amazon_customer on January 14, 2016
Color: Red | Verified Purchase
The speaker design could be a lot better. The sound is not bad.
1. Every time its connected, disconnected or battery is low, a voice in a thick Chinese accent says it so. A minor beep could have sufficed.
2. The touch buttons on the top are easily touched un-intentionally, thus missing that fav radio song or breaking the song focus.
3. How does tapping a button marked as volume and it skipping/rewinding a song make sense? Either make it +/- to avoid confusion with volume.
4. Battery life is not 10 hours it was probably around 5 hours for me.
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Nice little speaker for a good price
By Rene P. on December 20, 201
Not a bad little speaker. Build quality is pretty nice. comes with a short auxilary cable and a small micro usb cable for charging. The speaker grill is metal, and the body itself seems like a rubbery coated plastic. This speaker has had no issues with pairing to my Note 5, and it paired up pretty quickly too. I do notice an occasional popping sound while playing music, but not sure if this is because of the bluetooth connection or because of the streaming quality from google (since I was using google music), its rare, but you can hear it (you can actually hear it in the video I've attached)This does go pretty loud for its size, but as expected with these smaller speakers, the bass isn't the best. It does have more of a treble sound, so if you like bass this isn't necessarily the way you want to go. On the top of the speaker is a touchpad that glows blue for a few seconds after pressing a buttone. The buttons on that pad is a volume up button, a volume down button and a button with a picture of a phone on it. While music is playing, if you single tap the volume down button it will restart the song its on or with each other single press it will go back to the previous songs. A single press of the volume up button will skip to the next song. While single pressing the "phone" button will result in pausing or playing the current song. If you press and hold the volume up or down button it will turn the volume either up or down. I actually like this speaker for something quick to throw some music on, and the audio that comes from it does sound clear, just not a lot of bass like i previously stated.Read more ›
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It is a nice speaker to have for portable items
By Laura Reyes on December 21, 201
I got this speak to use it with my Nintendo 3DS XL because matches the color (as you can see in the picture). The 3DS doesn't have bluetooth technology then depends completely in the audio cable, I have hard time make it work but finally worked. I tested with my iPad and Macbook using the bluetooth connection and it was easier to get it work than the nintendo. The volume buttons are a little hard to use but I finally figure it out, it is easier than I was thinking, I just need to touch them very soft. It is a nice speaker to have for portable items. I was able to sample this product for free in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. The opinion posted above is 100% my own!!
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Fine sound quality and execution
By J. Aitch on February 25, 201
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
This product is a good product for the decent price. I like the size. It comes in a cute box that fits it perfectly. It has pretty good sound and, overall, I am pleased with the decent product. I would have given it a 5-star; However, I MUCH prefer the! Check it out on amazon. It is worth every penny. I would give it a 6 Star, if possible. After comparing it to the Soundbox SB571 Bluetooth and hearing the difference, I have to give this one a 4-star. Overall, this one does the job and sounds fine and is a good bluetooth speaker for the price, but if you are looking for something excellent try the Soundbox SB571! You won't be disappointed.
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Not too loud but good product
By Jacob Gutierrez on January 10, 2016
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Simple little speaker and has an on/off switch so there's no confusion with blinky lights. It's probably only a tad louder than your phone (I have iPhone 6), but of course it's clearer and nicer than a phone. You can answer calls, adjust song and volume with the buttons on android and iOS which is nice. Good to have in an office space or around the house while doing chores and keeping your phone off the counter/ away from the sink.
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a little static
By Thomas on April 10, 2016
Color: Red | Verified Purchase
I get a lot of static from this speaker. Not really when playing loud but when it is just sitting and connected while not playing anything or when the volume is low while playing. I have tried a few different devices and still the same result. I tried a kindle fire 8, lg g3, samsung note 4, lg optimus exceed 2 and a generic bluetooth 2.0 dongle for a computer.
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Not worth the savings
By maddhaze on April 18, 2016
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
This speaker is not worth the purchase price! Although it's inexpensive, I still felt it was far to overpriced for the lack of quality it provides. I received the speaker with slight indentations in the grill; I was not to concerned with that but I'm making a note of it here. It paired fairly quickly and easily to my devices, so no issue there. But this is a speaker and to that end it is neither loud enough nor does the sound quality suffice for even casual use. Initially it seemed to play audio well, but I quickly began hearing crackling sounds that became unbearable. I'm not sure if my unit was just an oddball defect or not, but based on the item I received, this speaker is junk. I never expected the audio to be room shaking, but it could be a bit louder. Static in my audio however, is unacceptable.

Spend your $10 elsewhere.
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