Bluetooth Speaker, DBPOWER BX-100 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Enhanced Bass Resonator & LED Display, FM Radio, Alarm Clock, Built-in Microphone (Black)
Product Description:
  • Dbpower Portable Bluetooth Speaker: High Performance Bluetooth Technology, Can Be Connected up to 20m (Open Place). With This Bluetooth Speaker You Can Enjoy Wireless Music Wherever You Are
  • Premium High Definition Sound: Two Powerful 2*3w 45mm Speakers and 2*5w Enhanced Bass Resonator Provide Solid Surround Sound and Deep Bass for a Full-range Listening Experience
  • Multifunction Bluetooth Speaker: There Is a Lcd Display for Time / Alarm Clock / Fm Radio / Battery Power / Bluetooth. And Also Built-in Microphone for Hands-free Phone Calls. The Device Supports Phone Redial and Reporting Function
  • Enjoy Music Easily: Enjoy Wireless Music from Your SD Card / TF Card / USB / Bluetooth, or Play Music Through an Aux-in Line. Rechargeable Li Battery Provides up to 8 Hours of Playback Time
  • Compatible Devices: Dual Speakers 80hz-20000hz Bluetooth Speaker Works for Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, Mac Book, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire, Nexus, Laptop, Computer and Car
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Speaker has good sound, but clock and alarm features are awful. Lose your settings when you lose power....
By I Do The Speed Limit on May 12, 2015
This is an adequate, classy-looking, BT speaker if that is what you are looking for. The sound is nicely balanced with above-average sound. And besides playing from almost any device, it will play from an SD card and FM radio. Its BT range is shorter than normal, at 20 feet. Its battery power is not spectacular, at 6 hours playing time. It is way large (9 3/8" x 2 3/8" x 2 1/8") and heavy (15.3 ounces) for a 'mini" speaker.

However, if you zoned in on this speaker because it had a clock with an alarm feature, you will be terribly disappointed with this choice: You will lose your settings when the battery power runs out.....Really? Yes, really. I would think that this company would provide a wall adapter at the very least. But, no, not even that. So, you will be resetting your alarm if you let the battery run low. I wouldn't count on this to wake you in the morning. (Although IF the alarm is working, the sound of it will send you through the ceiling.... To add insult to injury, the time shown is military time.

The instructions for setting the time are impossible to follow. The broken English is hard to follow, the instructions are incomplete, and in places it is wrong. And here's a good one: "Machine may work unmorally due to wrong operations, you could press the play button for 5 seconds to reset the machine." Well, I'll tell you, I can read between the lines fairly well when dealing with broken English instructions, but my machine was constantly working unmorally....And, when I finally got my time set correctly, I could not get rid of the alarm times I set by mistake. And the alarm sound has enough power to send you to the moon.
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AWESOME Speaker!
By Mrs. B on August 1, 2015
This speaker is AWESOME!! I was offered the speaker in exchange for an honest review, and I am thrilled that I was! This thing rocks! It comes with a wire to power it via usb, and it also comes with an audio wire to attach it to your phone, computer, ipod, mp3 player or anything else that you can plug headphones into. You can also pair it with anything you can pair with. But, this speaker's awesomeness only starts there! Not only does it connect to all of that, it has a built in RADIO... and with no visible wires (you know your alarm clock has that antenna wire hanging out of it) this thing picks up radio stations clearly and sounds amazing!!

But wait... there's more!

It has a clock, AND you can use it to talk hands free on your phone! This thing has it all! I am in love with it, and it's only been in my possession a couple of hours!

I highly, highly recommend!!
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A unique multifuction bluetooth speaker! It plays FLAC!
By Johny Tech Reviewer on April 23, 2015
Please watch the video for full review, but here is the summary:
- Good sound quality, lack of strong bass but in general sounds was clean.
- Clock and alarm works. Alarm can be set to FM or from SD Card.
- Will play WMA/MP3/FLAC and a few other! That's right LOSSLESS!
- 2000mAh is good for about 5 hours. Takes about 2+ hours to charge it.
- I didn't show in the video, but the mic for making phone call was ok. It works well to pick up my voice from about 2-3 feet away.
- I wish it come with a power brick for full time operation.

Please note a retail unit of this product was sent to me for a fair and honest review.
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Absolutely Top-Notch Bluetooth / Radio Speaker System!
By Chris Speer on April 1, 2015
This is such an incredible little Bluetooth speaker system! It puts out absolutely incredible sound for such a conservative sized speaker, with absolutely phenomenal treble and bass! Here is a list of the pros and cons I've noted thus far as a part of a thorough review (please also see photos):

1. The size of the unit is absolutely perfect for multiple applications (see photos). I use it with my TV because these produce greater sound, I use it in my workout room, and at my workstation/desk.
2. It is incredibly simple and easy to use. The instruction manual that came with it is hardly needed because it is so simple to operate, but the manual is still appreciated.
3. Very sleek and contemporary design. This unit looks sharp no matter where I put it (see photos).
4. Built from very durable feeling materials and buttons have a very crisp and solid click/feel to them.
5. The microphone technology for calls is fantastic, especially when using it for working out, I can take a call and be heard clearly
6. High quality durable cords included. Some other products come with cheap cords that split and break after minimal use.
7. Absolutely incredible sound. Louder and clearer than my much more expensive speaker system I bought for my computer.
8. Excellent battery life, several hours at least
9. The radio and alarm functions are such a great added feature and convenience!
10. Awesome connectivity, with a USB and miniSD car reader in addition to the latest in Bluetooth technology!

Really haven't found any as yet. Similar units would typically cost much more than this one!
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