DBPOWER USB HD Borescope 2 Million Pixels CMOS Endoscope 8.5MM Diameter with 5M Inspection Tube (5M 8.5mm)
Product Description:
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  • IP67 waterproof to any area underwater, gaps and holes.
  • 8.5mm diameter camera head can inspect hard to reach and see areas.
  • Built-in LED lights to illuminate the inspecting area.
  • Plug and play, compatiable with Windows XP/7/8/vista,android phone or tablet.
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Customer Reviews
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The virtual Swiss Army Knife of cameras/inspection tools!
By Mr. Ben 'Goatboy' Waters on 27 Sept. 2014
I have to admit, when I got this, it was for the boring job of checking for blockages in the drain pipes in my garden, but then I found myself using it for so many other jobs, as it has So many uses! At 2megapixal, the resolution is just right, and the ccd is of good quality too. If you try use it to film something a few meters away, the shot will be out of focus, but you will still be able to easily see what is in frame. Why did I mention that? Because this beast is a specialist. Trained and honed to perfection for close quarters contact. Drains, engines, chimneys, suspected animal dens to see if any animals are down holes, possibly hibernating. Checking under furniture, in dark corners, in fact ANYWHERE out of reach where you want a pair of eyes! I have been having so much fun peeking into places I never thought I'd be able to see inside, and being waterproof is just fantastic.
The picture quality is very good, and the wide angle lens really helps you get the most detail you can in shot! Being able to adjust the brightness of the 6 LED's surrounding the camera gives you full control over the images you see, for if you have too much light, a lot of it will reflect back, ruining the image, so by being able to turn the lights down, you can get the subject matter of the image perfectly illuminated, again, adding to the detail.
The length of the cable is more than enough for what I needed it for, and I am impressed by the robustness of the camera head and the thickness and quality of the cable. It's strong while keeping just the right amount of flexibility for corners etc.
There is one thing I wish I could do, and that is to plug it into my tablet via an USB OTG adapter, and to have an app to view and record the images.
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Amazing images for a great price!
By Teresina Moran on 4 July 2014
When offered the chance to review the borescope endoscope tube camera, I immediately jumped at the chance, as it seemed that there were many possibilities for fun with such a camera. It arrived within a few days, but the packaging left a lot to be desired, there is no labelling on the packaging to indicate what it inside. However this is a minor flaw considering the price of £19.58.
Inside this plain cardboard box, is the endoscope tube camera wrapped and tied neatly, a brief instruction manual, and a software disc. The camera itself has a USB attachment, on which is a dial to adjust the strength of the light around the lens. Although the instruction booklet is brief, it covers everything needed to work the camera and the software disc. One feature about this software I appreciated the most was that there was no lengthy installation process, the disc is simply inserted into the disc drive of a desktop computer or laptop and once the camera is connected it can be used. When using the camera a simple display which has an option of taking photos or video comes up, this software allows the user to create specific folders for the photos or videos they take, it also adjusts the quality of the camera specifications. None of this is stated in the manual, so a little bit of playing around with the camera and software is needed, much like any camera.
As I am a Secondary school Science teacher in Ireland, I thought that this camera would be a great asset to my classroom. Since I will need to take students on fieldtrips to rocky seashores, the waterproof feature of this endoscope intrigued me. It would be of great benefit when studying the flora and fauna found in rock pools that students may not be able to explore, by using this equipment everyone can view the habitat in a safe manner.
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Handy piece of kit for those hard to reach places
By Michael Murphy on 4 July 2014
I've always been a big fan of sticking things in places just to see what's there and what happens, so an endoscope is a great piece of kit to satisfy this.

There was limited packaging with this kit which I received for a review; I simply opened the envelope and pulled out the endoscope itself, which was coiled over and over again; a few little items which turn out to be a hook, a magnet and a mirror that can be attached to the end of the device, and also a CD which I assumed had the software required to run the camera.

Here was where I thought I would face my first issue. I no longer have any machine, Mac or Windows based, where I use a CD drive. After seeing no URL to download drivers/software I thought I would either have to write off and get instructions on how to make it work, or simply not use it. However, I was pleased to find that this device worked with my regular webcam software installed on the machine. I simply opened the webcam, went to my input devices and flicked it over to the endoscope which was recognized as soon as I plugged it in to the USB. Awesome! The only issue with this on the Mac is that it seemed to show everything in reverse, as if it was treating it like a webcam rather than a camera - but that's probably because I was using PhotoBooth. I eventually loaded the CD in a friend's machine and copied the files across to my own and the included software worked great, so no worries there.

Then play time came. I checked out what was behind my bookcases and kitchen cupboards (not nice), I stuck the camera in my mouth and in my ear (again, not nice) and then I braved it and dropped it in the toilet and flushed (awesome).
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