DBPOWER USB Snapshot with 5.5mm Diameter 1m Cable Video Inspection Camera Endoscope
Product Description:
  • Ultra-slim 5.5 mm (0.22 inch) waterproof camera head
  • 0.3 megapixel CMOS camera
  • Built-in 6pcs of adjustable white LED for night vision
  • 1M Stiff cable, and 2M USB cable.
  • Easy installation the driver for window 7/ Vista (Note: XP or lower windows support plug and play)
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Works perfectly on Win XP
By Mike Tarrani on 1 Aug. 2014
I gave this five stars because the review sample that I received was immediately recognized by my ancient Windows XP machine (an old ThinkPad T61), and I was able to use it via Windows Movie Maker.

The apps that ship on the mini CD are somewhat crude and remind me of ancient DOS based stuff from decades ago. I would have subtracted a star had I been stuck with using it.

One of my favorite features is the ability to set the brightness of the LEDs on the camera end. It ranges from super bright for jobs that require you to snake thie through dark areas, to less or no light with a simple twist of a thumb wheel.

Since I used this to inspect inside the barrels of vintage fountain pens the length is overkill for me. However, if you need to inspect inside piping or other objects that are near impossible without disassembling this may work perfectly for you.

The camera end is about 3/8 of an inch in diameter, so if you need to insert this into an opening take that size into account. Also, when you have the LEDs on maximum brightness the camera end gets very hot very quickly. In fact, after about five minutes it's uncomfortable to hold for more than fifteen seconds, so if you are using this for objects that are heat sensitive take that into account as well.
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NOT HD - but still useful
By James B on 14 Jan. 2015
Size: 1M (5.5mm) | Verified Purchase
This is a useful piece of kit. I used it to scope underneath a shower tray to find out exactly which pipe and joint was leaking and causing a damp patch in the ceiling below.

Be aware - the pictured unit is NOT HD quality, despite HD being in the title. If you read through the description it correctly states 640 x 480 VGA resolution. The picture is a bit grainy but was good enough for my purposes.
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but using it up a chimney strapped to my rods is fine, if you want to use with windows 8 ...
By jeremy on 24 May 2015
Size: 10M (Φ 14.5mm) | Verified Purchase
camera a bit grainy, but using it up a chimney strapped to my rods is fine, if you want to use with windows 8 im using windows 8 just cut and paste this link i came across and download http://download.cnet.com/AMCap/3001-13633_4-10504734.html?hlndr=1. works fine for me.
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USB Camera
By Amazon Customer on 3 Dec. 2012
Size: 10M (Φ 14.5mm) | Verified Purchase
Product arrived really quickly but the CD did not include the required program to run the camera on a Windows 7 PC. After contacting the seller they were able to email the program to allow the camera to work. The camera did work on an old Windows XP PC without the need for the program. The head of the camera is quite long, over 6 cms, which meant it was difficult for the purpose I used it for, but picture was clear.
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Camera - Slim Borescope to Catch Baby Bats with Ease on Laptap
By Alessi Lover on 11 Nov. 2014
A great item for most households, from blocked kitchen sinks, looking behind hard to reach places. (Fridge freezer was our bug bear thought there may be a mouse behind there). Thankfully not but without the use of this gadget we would have had to move the fridge freezer and not a task taken lightly.

Also useful for us is the fact we can look into the gaps in the beams to check for baby bats. Have a maternity colony and most years get the odd baby stuck somewhere, so this is really good fo us to see into those hard to reach places.

The ease of use and quality of pictures is spot on. Think we have all had a try with this. Cable long so you do not feel restricted using it. Build quality too of the item seems top notch too.

Really good for any one doing repairs on taps, we have had numerous captures of how the workings of the kitchen taps underneath the sink, once a dark and tedious job. This gadget really does shine some light, but it does also get a bit hot too.

Quick delivery and item arrived well packed, so pleased to have been sent this item to try out and review.
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Not great but OK for this price.
By Zed on 27 Jun. 2015
Size: 1M (5.5mm) | Verified Purchase
Positives: small diameter camera head (I purchased the 5.5 mm), the plastic handle helps twisting the camera, stiff lead for the camera can be bent and shaped making it maneuverable, cheap for what it is.

Negatives: not a great picture quality, it took a long time to determine whether there was a leak behind bidet and water would not show up well. Grainy video and NOT high definition. LED adjustment wheel is pointless as the LED lights are not bright enough anyway, you need to always keep it on the max. There is no focus, so anything outside 3 - 6 cm is not clearly seen.

Tip: try running the camera from the disc, it is slightly better however, the only way to stop it is to use Windows Task Manager to end the program. I have Windows 7.

Conclusion: for this price it is OK but just don't expect a lot. Don't waste your time trying to find a cheap good quality endoscope- the good quality camera/ endoscope cost over £900 with the medical grade endoscope over £80K.
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Useful tool!
By CSMedia on 3 Nov. 2014
A useful tool for the price? Easy plug and play as it is not necessary, if there is video capture software on the computer, to load up the included DVD software. We ran the app software from the DVD instead of transfer without problem though it did crash if the USB connection was disturbed. It was not a problem to close the software and re open to get the camera link running again.The picture quality on close up is not very good, with led lights that can be adjust from the USB housing. Full lights are not needed just a nice balance to get a good exposure.

Again, though this is a shorter cable, it can be foreseen that keeping the camera upright via twisting the cable may prove difficult dependant upon the environment that it has to travel through. Recommended product that has useful application.
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