DBPOWER® Endoscope Inspection Camera with 3.5 Inch LCD Monitor 8.2mm Diameter 3 Meters Tube
Product Description:
  • The DBPOWER® Advantage: Join the thousands+ purchasing Amazon's #1 Endoscope brand
  • 0.3 Megapixels resolution for the images, 720p for video shots
  • Separable monitor, connecting with 1.5 meter unit, helps to adapt to a different work environment
  • 4x Zoom function enables you to view every detail
  • Slim 8.2 mm camera head with 6 pcs of adjustable high-intensity LEDs (with brightness control) to illuminate the inspection areas specifically, Micro SD slot, Video Out, USB interface
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Good little unit
By Kinetic on 4 Mar. 2015
Colour Name: 8.2mm 3M cable with LCD | Verified Purchase
Generally excellent unit. The image is clear and bright. The cable is stiff which allows it to maintain any shape you bend into it before feeding it through a hole. Can't really comment on battery life, but having used it for 15 minutes the level indicator didn't drop.
Do note it has a zoom feature (the up button). Zoomed in and in bright conditions the image quality is worse. I initially thought I had a problem with image quality until I realised it was zoomed right in.
Unit feels well built, and the box it comes in is good for storage \ occasional transport (it's not a plastic case, but it has the soft Styrofoam inserts to keep everything in it's place). I have deducted one star as the brightness dial has a slight issue where it sometimes resets the unit when turning the brightness down (it only takes a second, and it plays it's start-up jingle, but it is distracting). The dial also doubles as the power switch. It's a pity as otherwise it's a 5 star piece of kit.

Also note that the box states focal length 5-8 cm where I had read 8cm-infinity elsewhere. Honestly, the distance image seems pretty good (light allowing) though so I'm not sure what to believe. You can definitely spot things at a distance, the trick is getting to them when manipulating the long cable through a small hole.
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Brilliant Product - So Many Uses For Home Use or Jobs
By EllLee on 26 July 2015
This product is brilliant for anyone wanting a close up view of anywhere where a normal larger camera cannot go.

The use for this product would be great for plumbers or just anyone that wants to use a camera in places where they wouldn't normally be.

Included is:
The Main Endoscope Unit
The Camera and LED Flexible Neck
X3 Neck Attachments
Phone Mount
Soft Carrying Pouch
PC Software

The main endoscope unit is made from textured plastic which feels very high quality and easy to hold.

It is also comfortable to hold for long periods of time and just feels like holding a torch.

The phone mount needs to be attached to the cold shoe mount on the unit which is connected by sliding them together. It feel secure and is tight fitting. There is a protector in the cold shoe mount which needs to be removed before inserting the phone mount.

The main unit has two buttons and one adjustable wheel:
Power Button - Power on and off the device
Led Slider - Adjust the intensity of the leds on the flexible neck
Torch Button - Turn the torch on and off

The main unit needs power and has space in the bottom for X4 AA batteries.

The app 'WiFi Endoscope' needs to be downloaded from the app store (either android or ios). The wifi network then needs to be connected to on the device in order for it to work.

The app is simplistic but functions well and is easy to use. The wifi is also reliable and always connects easily.

To make the unit work properly all that is needed is for the neck to be attached to the main unit and for the power to be turned on.
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Very good for DIY use. Solid and functional. Easy to set-up and use.
By Pallus on 25 Aug. 2015
The 'scope arrived in a presentable box and I was pleased to find a useful carry-pouch included.

The main 'handle' part, although plastic, feels very solid. And the bendy 'wand' is very well finished and fits securely.
IP rating is an international standard recognising ingress protection against dust and water; at IP67 the camera has a very high rating and is certified to be used completely underwater.

I had no trouble connecting to the wifi signal transmitted from the 'scope.
And the free app was easy to download, install and use.
The image from the camera is transmitted via the wifi connection and viewable on the connected phone/tablet/PC etc.
Video footage should automatically be saved onto the device but for some reason this didn't work on my ASUS Fonepad. I'll have to drop a star if I can't get this to work on a different 'phone.

I found that the depth of field goes a lot further than the advertised spec and I could have a good look around underneath my floorboards.
LEDs at the edge of the camera lens can be controlled with a knob on the handle which works well to illuminate scenes near or far.
There's a separate light on the handle wich works more like a simple torch.

There are wire hook and strong magnet attachments which secure onto the end of the wand. These are very useful for retrieving lost possessions. I successfully retrieved a bunch of keys which had fallen down the back of a cabinet behind the drawers. I did this using the magnet attachment. Took a bit of patience but worked.

Also good for checking for evidence of pests in hard to reach places.
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Impressive and very useful
By Mark on 28 May 2015
Colour Name: 8.2mm 2m cable | Verified Purchase
What a bargain! I do a lot of inspection work and sometimes cannot open some panels etc so this is a godsend. Clear screen and a good light which helps illuminate the target. I even lent it to my electrician who said without seeing into a cavity would have spent hours trying to figure a route out for new meter tails without it. I've even found a leaky pipe under my barhroom floor with it saving me ripping the whole tiled floor up thus paying for itself.
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